Safety and Environment


Actively promoting a culture of safety, our company is committed to Health and Safety as an overriding priority in all our business practices. Accidents are preventable and each and every person is responsible for safety. Continuing improvement in safety practices and procedures is encouraged by INTEG SYSTEMS.

Integ Systems is committed to:

Ensuring that all material risks are identified and objectively assessed against MSDS’s and that appropriate control measures are implemented.

Ensuring that all employees, contractors and clients are informed about the risk policy and their responsibilities for its ongoing implementation.

Continually striving to improve and review performance to identify areas for improvement.

Implementing effective insurance strategies for the transfer of residual risk.

Risk assessment is used as an integral part of the decision making process at INTEG SYSTEMS.




INTEG SYSTEMS continually commits to working with our partners to maintain a sustainable approach to the environment. As members of our community, we believe environmental responsibility is an essential component of business.

Our environmental policy commits us to:

Integrate environmental management into all facets of our business.

Manage environmental risks on site and on the job – specific basis to achieve planned environmental outcomes.

Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations as a minimum standard.

Continually strive to improve overall environmental performance.

Indentify opportunities for the efficient use of energy, water, air and oil, and reduce the company’s environmental foot print.

Contribute to conservation of biodiversity.
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